Twenty years ago I was a so-so modeller who struggled with getting decals to look like they did in the model
magazines I was reading.  Of course, all of this was before the numerous websites and YouTube videos existed.  I
didn't know that you were supposed to apply a clear gloss coat before applying decals.  Looking to solve a
problem, I turned to what I knew best, the sign industry.  I had a computer and a vinyl cutter and a whole bunch of
scrap vinyl left over from the hundreds of jobs I had done.  So, using my sign equipment I set out to make a paint
mask to use instead of those troublesome decals.  They worked pretty good even though I was using regular vinyl
sheeting instead of a paint mask material.  The most important thing though is that I gained experience in what
could and couldn't be done.  But that was okay because I was only making them for myself.  Fast forward several
years and I have joined the local model club and one of the members was building a P-40B Flying Tiger.  He had
purchased a set of paint masks for the camouflage and asked if I had the ability to make something like that.  I told
him that I could do the artwork with no problem, my eye sight was much better then, and that I just needed to find
the vinyl masking material.  The next week at work, I started my search for the masking material and, after finding it,
bought a roll.  Shortly after that I started making my first "real" scale model paint masks.  That was thirteen years
ago.  What you see listed on the Aircraft and Ship masks pages is the culmination of those years of making masks.

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