1/700 - $7.00
1/350 - $15.00
1/480 - $10.00
USS Saratoga - MS 32/11a
USS Ranger - MS 33/1a
USS Enterprise - MS 33/4Ab
USS Hornet - MS 12 mod
USS Essex class - MS 32/3a
USS Essex class MS32/6-10d
USS Essex class - MS 33/10a
USS Franklin - MS 3/3a/6a
USS Essex class - MS 3/6a
USS Essex class - MS 32/17a2
USS Bogue class - MS 33/2a
Deck markings for the First Carrier
Striking Force at Midway
1/700 - $7.00
1/450 - $12.00
IJN Akagi
IJN Kaga
IJN Soyru
IJN Hiryu
USS Essex class - MS 32/17a1
IJN Zuikaku 1944 deck camo
USS Gambier Bay
1/350 - $15.00
During World War II, aircraft carriers from many nations were painted in various forms of
camouflage.  Here is a list of some, but not all, of the battleships and their camouflage
pattern.  As a modeler, it is often difficult to paint these patterns.  In the process of making
the drawings for my website, I have created a paint mask for each of the listed ships.  If you
would like one of my masks, one can be made for you.

Please email me for ordering information.  Please include your COMPLETE mailing
address in the email so I can calculate your shipping cost.  

I have no "Buy Now" or "Add to Cart" buttons.  The US Postal Service does not have a flat
rate to anywhere in the US or overseas.  Each order including shipping is calculated when you
inquire about ordering.  This save you and me money.
Independence Class MS3x/7a
Independence Class MS3x/8a
Independence Class MS33/3d
1/200 Hornet CV-8 Ms 12 mod - $25.00