1/700 - $7.00
1/350 - $15.00
USS Astoria - MS 33/24d
USS Baltimore - MS 3/16d
USS Indianapolis - MS 32/7d
USS Miami - MS 32/1d
USS Montpelier - MS 32/11a
USS Pittsburgh - MS 3/18d
USS San Diego - MS 33/24d
USS San Juan - MS 33/22d
USS Juneau (CL-52) - MS 12 mod
HMS Sheffield 1941
USS Alaska
USS San Francisco - MS 33/13d
During World War II, cruisers from many nations were painted in various
forms of camouflage.  Here is a list of some, but not all, of the battleships and
their camouflage pattern.  As a modeler, it is often difficult to paint these
patterns.  In the process of making the drawings for my website, I have
created a paint mask for each of the listed ships.  If you would like one of my
masks, one can be made for you.  Please
email me for ordering information.  

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