Welcome to Gator's Model Studio, home of Gator's Grip
Hobby Glue, the
original acrylic hobby glue designed for use
with photo-etched parts.

In two months, this website will not longer be active.  I just don't
have the
revenue to continue to host this site.  As of 2/6/2021,
Gator's Model Studio can be found on Facebook.  Thank you
for your continued support.

In August of 2020, Hurricane Laura made landfall in southwest Louisiana.  As a result, our
home sustained catastrophic damage.  Due to the damage to not only our home but some of
our belongings, I am no longer able to make paint masks.  I am working with a fellow scale
modeller and businessman who will carry on the line of paint masks.  I will keep you
updated on this issue.

Gator's Grip Hobby Glue is still available for purchase.  Please click the link below to find
out more about my glue and how to order.

Gator's Model Studio